Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fall Walk

Thanks to Tamika, we found a great walking trail within walking distance that goes around a lake/pond that we never knew was there! So the kids and I took advantage of the great weather and headed out to it this afternoon. I could not get Charlie to look at the camera, he was much more interested in looking down at the leaves or anywhere but the camera.


lisabialon said...

Great pictures and sounds like fun! I'm interested to know where this "hidden lake" is in the neighborhood. Since we are so close, maybe Karli and I can come over sometime and you can take us on the hidden trail to the secret lake!

The McDowells said...

I was actually wondering if you could get to it when we were walking yesterday. You have to cut through Trails North so I am not sure if your neighboorhood connects with it. We need to plan a walk over there sometime before the weather gets cold! There is a park on the walking path too that I know the girls would enjoy playing on.

Anonymous said...