Sunday, August 31, 2008

Another Dorky Coupon Brag

The original total was over $50 at CVS....I paid $0.67 by using coupons (no extra care bucks, just coupons) and got $7 in extra care bucks, so basically I was paid $6.33 to take this stuff! If you got today's paper, in the P & G coupon insert there is a buy one get one free cover girl lip gloss coupon. They are buy one get one free at CVS, so take that coupon and you can get two free lip glosses there this week (they are orginally $9.99)! And for those wondering why in the world I got a glucose monitor, I was paid $5 to take it, so if anyone wants it, it is all yours!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

November 3rd..

is the big day! I went to the doctor today and he scheduled the c-section for that Monday at 7am. As long as I last that long, she will be here on November 3rd. Everything continues to go well and I don't really have any complaints. Seth still doesn't have a name. I ask him ever once in a while, and he likes to tease me and tell me I will find out after it is legal (which was not part of our deal), but I know it just means that he doesn't have one yet. So pass your suggestions onto him.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Our Growing Boy

Charlie had a much needed well-baby check-up today. I am embarassed to say that he hasn't had any sort of check-up since we have lived here (he hasn't been sick, so why take him?). Besides getting 4 shots, he measured 80% for height and weight and 93% for head. So he is a big boy with a big head! Here is he sporting his too-small pjs tonight. That is as high as his pants would go and his sleeves looked like 3/4 length sleeves, so I guess it is finally time to retire them.
Also, not to leave Macy out, here she is before bedtime.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Playing at the Pool

Today is August 21st, and we finally made our first trip to the neighborhood pool this morning. The kids had a good time! When we first got in the kids pool, Charlie dipped his head under water and it scared him, so he was really clingy for awhile (and that is why he has a pacifier in the pictures), but he loosened up after awhile. They both loved to splash and Macy said her favorite part about going to the pool was riding on Seth's stomach while he swam around. I refused to let Seth take my picture because I don't have a maternity swimsuit, so I looked majorly dorky in shorts and a t-shirt in the pool. (To be honest, I still wouldn't have let him take my picture even if I did have a maternity swimsuit.)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Quiet Weekend...

Our weekend was pretty uneventful. We spent a majority of it lounging about the house. The most exciting thing we did was attempt to give a haircut. Charlie did a good job sitting there (much better than his first haircut experience), but we were trying to give him a haircut with Seth's beard trimmer, so it didn't exactly work very well. Seth was able to get some of the fluffiness out of Charlie's hair, so it does look a little better at least.

Also, here a couple of pictures I took of the kids today after church.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Boys and Their Toys

The past week or two Charlie has been obsessed with his blocks! He loves to go into his room and build something and then bring it out to show me what he has built. A couple mornings ago I went to get him up, I had put a few blocks in his crib for him to play with if he woke up early, and he was happily playing with his blocks and I asked him he was ready to get out and shook his head "No" and waved bye-bye to me. He was much more interested in playing with the blocks than getting up but finally was ready to get out when I told him I had waffles ready for him.
Seth has a new toy too. He bought "Rock Band" this week and despite his sad look in the picture, loves it! He thinks the drums are the best part. (I can hear him pounding away as I type this.)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Macy Waking Up

Yes, those are pants on her head.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

We all survived the heat yesterday...

Luckily it wasn't another 105 degree day, it was only 90 something, so it could of been a lot worse. A repairman was able to come out in the afternoon and easily fixed the air, so we were happy not to be sweating anymore. (We have to wait until Friday to get hot water.) We all made the best of the day, the kids enjoyed playing in a deep cool bath for awhile in the morning to stay cool and it was an excuse for me take the kids out to go get more free stuff! Check out what I got at Walgreens, Kroger and CVS:

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I shouldn't have complained about it being hot..

Because now it is really hot, thanks to our air conditioning not working! But the good news is we can take as many cold showers/baths as we want because out hot water heater isn't working either. Also the hall toilet is clogged beyond repair (Macy said she flushed a bath toy, so we are waiting on a 10% coupon from Lowes to go get a new toilet). So basically our house is falling apart. THANKFULLY the former owners had a home warranty that is still good for a couple more weeks, so we have to pay for a repair to come out, but if anything has to be replaced (except the toilet) the warranty should cover it. Macy thinks it is great so far because I am letting them run around in their diaper/panties. Hopefully the repairmen are able to come out this morning and quickly get everything fixed becuase it is 8:30 am and already hot!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It is SOOO hot here...

Especially for a pregnant lady who already feels like she has a space heater attached to her stomach. The poor kids are couped up inside most of the day because I feel the only cool enough time to venture out and do stuff is from 8am-9am, so an indoor activity we did yesterday was cookie decorating! I baked cookies while the kids napped and then we all decorated them in the afternoon. Macy enjoyed decorating. Charlie enjoyed the eating part, he wasn't impressed with the decorating part. Here are a few pictures of the fun:

Friday, August 1, 2008

Macy's New Naptime Routine

Macy has been always great sleeper, but lately her nap time has become a little bit of a struggle. I don't have to force her to go to her room or anything, but during her nap has been getting into her dresser and changing her clothes (see a few posts down about that), or putting on as many clothes at once as she possibly can, singing loudly, loudly talking to one of her imaginary friends or just jumping on the bed all the while she is supposed to be resting. I still believe at age 3 she needs some sort of rest time (at least I need a rest time) and I am not about to give up the nap just yet. I don't want to threaten her all the time and I don't want to bribe her all the time either. So, hence the new Nap time Chart and Nap time Treasure box! This week, I made a chart and every day she takes a good nap (she must stay in bed and be quiet) she gets a stamp. Every 3rd stamp, she gets to choose something out of the treasure box. We bought a box this week, painted it and decorated it (she was very excited about the princess stickers). I filled it with candy, bubbles, and other cheap-o toys and made a big deal about it to get her excited.
I am happy to report that she did a great job today! I didn't hear anything from her room and she slept soundly! She was excited about getting her first stamp. I realize this is a lame idea and will probably work for like 3 days, but it is at least worth a try.

Charlie's New Talent