Thursday, September 25, 2008

Charlie's Favorite Thing to do...

Is EAT! He definitely has a hearty appetite. Macy has always been a good eater and we have never had issues with her eating, but Charlie can out eat her any day.
He eats like he is starving most of the time and meal time for Charlie is over because we have either run out of food or I am pretty sure he has eaten enough to fill a lumberjack and make him get out of the high chair.
He could happily eat even more than what I give him. I have a feeling he is going to be one of those teenage boys who is always hungry and who frequently cleans out the fridge and pantry of food.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What a way to wake up

So I went in to get Macy up this morning and immediately noticed that her pillow was covered in blood which of course scared me to death, she lifted up her head and then I saw her eye was completely swollen shut. My first thought was that she was bleeding out of her eyeball, which scared me to death again, and then I saw the big gash on the side. Evidently she must of whacked her face on the side of her nightstand all in her sleep because neither Seth or I heard anything from her last night. Poor Macy. Here are a couple of pictures (she is suppose to be looking sad in the first one) I just took which don't do justice to how her eye actually looks, plus the swelling has gone down a lot. I should of took one when she first got up, that would of been a pretty picture.
On a completely different and happier note; Beau and Jeremy came down yesterday from Edmond to visit Seth. They went to a baseball game, played some golf and had a good time together. Here they are rocking out to rockband.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Baby Shower

Yesterday the church graciously threw me a baby shower even though I tried to tell them that they didn't need to and that I saved everything from Macy, but it was still fun! I let Macy come along and she had a great time also! I am now good to go on diapers and clothes for the baby for a little while.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Early Christmas Gift

Thank you to Grammy and Papa Kelsey for an early gift for the kids! They already love playing out in the backyard and this just makes it better. There is a slide on the other side as well as a rope climbing thing. The kids have spent most of the day out in the back with it. The box also has been a big hit!

Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm it..

Thanks to Melinda, I have been tagged.

I am suppose to list 6 random facts about myself, so here it goes:

1. I would still coupon even if we were super rich. I think it is fun and I love going to groceries stores.

2. I hate clothes shopping. 1-because it is not fun trying to drag two kids into a changing room with you and make them stay in there without opening the curtain/door while you are changing, 2-because clothes never fit me and 3-I hate to spend tons of money. If we were rich, I would happily hire a personal shopper to do it all for me.

3. I love being pregnant and am sad I just have a few more weeks, especially since this is the last time, but I am grateful I got to do it three times.

4. The kids and I went to a free Gymboree Class this morning and I didn't really like it. Way too expensive and too chaotic.

5. I am Seth's secretary and do his PowerPoint slides, handouts and the church bulletin (all from home).

6. I love being a Stay at Home wife and mom and I use to say I would go back to teaching once the kids were grown and graduated from high school, but now I don't really see that happening since by that point I will be out of teaching for 25+ years.

Don't worry I am not going to tag you (you guys never do it anyways when I do tag you). I will let this tag die with me.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Six-year Anniversary

Today is our 6 year anniversary! Seth is actually out of town for a few days visiting a church in St. Louis, so he and I celebrated on Thursday going go for a kid-free evening (thanks again Paula for watching them) and gorging ourselves at Texas de Brazil. For those who haven't been to a Brazilian Churrascaria, they are nice restaurants that have Gauchos that bring around meat on a sword to your table. There were 14 kinds of meats to choose from, Filet Mignon, sirloin, chicken, pork, lamb, so much to choose from and it was all good! Basically, it is an all you can eat meat place, which is our kind of place. Seth had two goals for the dinner, 1) to eat until he threw up (thankfully he didn't accomplish that) and 2) we sat there eating meat for at least an hour to get our money's worth (we did manage to do that). We highly recommend going if you get a chance! It was a nice evening together and a good way to celebrate.
For fun, here are a few pictures from our wedding. These are pictures that my dad scanned for us from our proofs after the wedding, so they aren't the best quality.
The Blushing Bride (I still like my dress):The Handsome Groom:Seth and I with my parents:Seth and I with my parents, grandparents, sister, brother and sister-in-law:
Some of my relatives that were present, my dad is 1 of 8, so I have a bunch of cousins:

Seth with his grandmas who have since passed away:

Seth and I with his family:

God has blessed our 6 years together and we look forward to many more years together!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Blog

It is hard to believe that I have managed to keep up blogging for an entire year. To celebrate, I was looking back at the old posts. A couple posts that made me laugh were "I thought I would get a cute picture of Macy jumping..." and "Poison Control". It is fun to see what we have been doing and how much the kids have grown in just a year. Happy Birthday Blog!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

We're a family that likes free activities...

If you can't tell by my couponing posts, I especially like to save money and get things free. So this weekend we took advantage of a couple free activities. First, we went to the mall and went to American Eagle. They have a promotion going on if you try on a pair of jeans, you get a free AMC movie pass. I am sure they thought I was a complete weirdo for being obviously pregnant and asking to try on their jeans that I would have no chance of fitting, but I didn't care that much because now Seth and I can go enjoy a movie for free. So, if you are going to the mall be sure to go by American Eagle to get a free movie ticket.

Also, Today we went to the Dallas Museum of Science and Nature thanks to Bank of America's "Museums on Us" promotion. The kids enjoyed it and they had a nice children's part that they especially enjoyed. We only had to pay for Macy, so it was a good family activity for only $5.50. Here are some pictures of the fun:

And Finally, on September 27th, it is Smithsonian Day. Go here and you can print free tickets to local museums. We plan taking advantage of it as well.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Park and a Picnic

As I have mentioned before in the blog, we have a "lake" (more of a canal) right behind our house that is great for walking around, feeding the ducks, etc. This morning the whole family went on a walk following the water, letting Bailey swim along the way, to the park where we played a little bit. After the park, we walked up the hill and enjoyed a picnic lunch in the gazebo. Except for a little wind, the weather was very nice. The kids had fun and it was a great way to spend the morning!