Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What a way to wake up

So I went in to get Macy up this morning and immediately noticed that her pillow was covered in blood which of course scared me to death, she lifted up her head and then I saw her eye was completely swollen shut. My first thought was that she was bleeding out of her eyeball, which scared me to death again, and then I saw the big gash on the side. Evidently she must of whacked her face on the side of her nightstand all in her sleep because neither Seth or I heard anything from her last night. Poor Macy. Here are a couple of pictures (she is suppose to be looking sad in the first one) I just took which don't do justice to how her eye actually looks, plus the swelling has gone down a lot. I should of took one when she first got up, that would of been a pretty picture.
On a completely different and happier note; Beau and Jeremy came down yesterday from Edmond to visit Seth. They went to a baseball game, played some golf and had a good time together. Here they are rocking out to rockband.


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Ted and Anne said...

poor macy :(

Kim said...

Poor baby! Hailey used to have night terrors and she would do all kinds of crazy things...thankfully she doesn't have a night stand to bash her eye on.