Friday, August 1, 2008

Macy's New Naptime Routine

Macy has been always great sleeper, but lately her nap time has become a little bit of a struggle. I don't have to force her to go to her room or anything, but during her nap has been getting into her dresser and changing her clothes (see a few posts down about that), or putting on as many clothes at once as she possibly can, singing loudly, loudly talking to one of her imaginary friends or just jumping on the bed all the while she is supposed to be resting. I still believe at age 3 she needs some sort of rest time (at least I need a rest time) and I am not about to give up the nap just yet. I don't want to threaten her all the time and I don't want to bribe her all the time either. So, hence the new Nap time Chart and Nap time Treasure box! This week, I made a chart and every day she takes a good nap (she must stay in bed and be quiet) she gets a stamp. Every 3rd stamp, she gets to choose something out of the treasure box. We bought a box this week, painted it and decorated it (she was very excited about the princess stickers). I filled it with candy, bubbles, and other cheap-o toys and made a big deal about it to get her excited.
I am happy to report that she did a great job today! I didn't hear anything from her room and she slept soundly! She was excited about getting her first stamp. I realize this is a lame idea and will probably work for like 3 days, but it is at least worth a try.


Suzanne said...

I don't think it's lame at all!!! I hope it works great!

We did a sticker chart a few a weeks ago, it did not last long for us...but I may have to try your little treasure box!

Elaine said...

Even if it only lasts three days, that's three more days of res for you too! Very cute idea, and Macy seems excited about it.

Leslie and Michael said...

This is why I am excited about having kids of my own as an elementary school teacher. I can use all of my clever ideas that work for "some" of the kids at school on my own kids and hopefully they won't be complete terrors and it will work!! :) Way to use your degree as a mom, Katie!! :)

anne ledbetter said...

Katie, you are such great mom! I'm way impressed and love the toy box/sticker chart idea... You're going to have to write all this stuff down for me so that I may someday put it to use :)