Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I shouldn't have complained about it being hot..

Because now it is really hot, thanks to our air conditioning not working! But the good news is we can take as many cold showers/baths as we want because out hot water heater isn't working either. Also the hall toilet is clogged beyond repair (Macy said she flushed a bath toy, so we are waiting on a 10% coupon from Lowes to go get a new toilet). So basically our house is falling apart. THANKFULLY the former owners had a home warranty that is still good for a couple more weeks, so we have to pay for a repair to come out, but if anything has to be replaced (except the toilet) the warranty should cover it. Macy thinks it is great so far because I am letting them run around in their diaper/panties. Hopefully the repairmen are able to come out this morning and quickly get everything fixed becuase it is 8:30 am and already hot!

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Leslie and Michael said...

Ick. I sure don't miss the southern summers. It's bad enough here in Korea, but it's only in the low 90s. However, we do have to walk places and don't have a/c cars to keep cool. I hope your house gets fixed soon!! Remind me of your due date again??