Thursday, August 21, 2008

Playing at the Pool

Today is August 21st, and we finally made our first trip to the neighborhood pool this morning. The kids had a good time! When we first got in the kids pool, Charlie dipped his head under water and it scared him, so he was really clingy for awhile (and that is why he has a pacifier in the pictures), but he loosened up after awhile. They both loved to splash and Macy said her favorite part about going to the pool was riding on Seth's stomach while he swam around. I refused to let Seth take my picture because I don't have a maternity swimsuit, so I looked majorly dorky in shorts and a t-shirt in the pool. (To be honest, I still wouldn't have let him take my picture even if I did have a maternity swimsuit.)

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Ted and Anne said...

Cute pictures Katie!! Speaking of pools, I don't think we've made it to the pool at our apt this summer. We better hurry, winter is just around the corner up here, ha!