Monday, December 24, 2007

Finally posting again..

We sold our house! Someone made an offer yesterday and we were happy to accept! It had been on the market two weeks and I was convinced no one was going to buy a house right before Christmas, but someone did. The buyer wants to speed up the closing date, so the house just has to pass inspection and we can quickly close. We are very thankful that we got a good offer!

Seth's first Sunday at Shawnee Trail is on the 20th, so we will make our way to Frisco a short time before that. It will be sad to be leave Edmond, it has been the longest I have ever lived anywhere, but we are excited to start new in Frisco, we know it will be a great place to live!

I know it is has been way too long since my last post, one of the negatives of no Internet at home, but we are at my parents so we have Internet at least for a few days! I will try to post some pictures later tonight or tomorrow.

I know a couple people asked about the Macy fiasco that Katie posted in the comment. Last Sunday the kids and I walked into church, and right in front of the donut table out of no where, Macy threw up everywhere and it wasn't pretty. Plus the lady in charge of the donut table wasn't too happy that Macy got sick right in front of her table. You definitely don't want to see pictures of it.

Have a good Christmas Eve!


Paul said...

Poor Macy. That's great about the house!

Ryan and Katie said...

Congrats! I guess someone wanted a house for Christmas and their wish was granted!