Thursday, November 6, 2008

Still in the Hospital

But we are going home tomorrow when they make us. I have enjoyed having the nurses take care of everything and the nursery nurses are really good about taking her to let me rest in the day and sleep in the night. Emma continues to do great! She is even gaining weight now! The doctor thought she would loose another oz before she started gaining, so we were happy to hear that she had gained when they weighed her last night! She has been a great eater and taken to nursing like a champ. Other than one of my 26 staples (I will have a LONG scar) popping out and being a little sore, I continue to feel good as well. I am sure I will post more pictures tomorrow when we go home.


Elizabeth Mullins said...

I didn't think to count how many staples I had...interesting to know.

Reese and Arie said...

Hey girl! It's great to see all of your pictures. I don't know how you keep up with it all. Emma is just precious! You know that's Marlene's sister's name. I have no idea how to add you as my favorite on this can I find out? Hopefully I can get the hang of this pretty soon.........sounds like you're feeling well. Hope everything goes well when you get home. Will you have help around the house for a while? CONGRATS AGAIN!!!

Jessica said...

Congratulations Katie...I'm glad to hear someone else likes staying as long as they can at the hospital also!