Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Catch Up Post

Sorry for the lack of posting the last couple of weeks. We are all doing well and Emma has been a great baby for us! Even the nights are going well! I think I was dreading it so much (the lack of sleep) that it hasn't been that bad at all. Below are a few pictures of the last couple weeks.

The kids and I made "turkey hats" for a craft project one day. Here they are showing them off:

My parents and sister with her family came for Thanksgiving at our house. My mom did all the the cooking, so that was really nice not having to worry about any of it! Here are the kids, they really enjoyed playing with Andrew:Dad with John Nathan and Emma:We celebrated Andrew's birthday and Charlie loved the cake and especially the blue icing:We made our first trip to church this past Sunday, I tried to get a few decent pictures, but failed:
Charlie in his fancy church clothes that my sister gave to him while they were here:And last but not least, Macy modeling her new dress (she is hiding a princess umbrella behind her back, she wanted it to be in the picture, but I told her she had to put it behind her back):

Seth's family also came into to town, but I failed to get any pictures of them! (Seth's familiy, Please email the ones you guys got.)


Ted and Anne said...

Hey Katie! Yes, I did get our stockings from Pottery Barn :)

I loved all your pictures (especially the one of the kids dressed up for church), and glad you guys had a nice Thanksgiving (and that you didn't have to cook.) Yay for moms!

Melinda said...

We've missed you. Glad all is well.

Elaine said...

Love the pix!