Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Big Move

Charlie has officially moved out of the crib and into the big boy bed, and Macy has gotten a roommate! We decided to get it over with today and moved them in tonight. So far it has gone well, I have heard a few squeals, laughing, and singing coming from their room, but I figure it will take a little while for the excitement to wear off. Charlie and Macy will share a room until Emma is old enough to share with Macy. Thanks again to my parents who gave us the bunk beds, dresser, and mirror that my sister and I used when we were kids. We will bunk them when Charlie is a little bit older, so for now they are separated.
Charlie was very excited about his new big boy bed:
My sister and I when we first got the bunk beds (that's me with the Kermit):
Daddy making sure the bed is good to go:
Also, Emma has been doing great! It is hard to believe she is already 11 1/2 weeks! She had her two month check up last week and everything looks good. She is 25% for weight, 90% for height, and 45% for head. She has been a great addition to our family!


Melinda said...

Oh how fun! Love the pic of you with your sis.

Paul said...

When you put the bunks back together, do you think there will be any puppet shows? We had many puppet shoes ourselves using that bed.

Paul said...

puppet shows that is

Elizabeth Mullins said...

You are brave to let them share a room...I don't think my kids would ever get any sleep...and Emma is so sweet!

Ted and Anne said...

How cute! We are glad to hear that "the big move" has been a success, ha! Hope everybody is well...Emma is cute as ever :) Love you guys and miss you a lot!