Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Bye-Bye Paci Day!

Today was a big day for Charlie! He said so long to his much loved pacifiers. We did this same thing for Macy when it was her "bye-bye paci day". First, I made cupcakes during nap time and then we all decorated them together. Afterwards we tied his pacifiers to balloons and all went outside to watch Charlie set them free. He did not want to let them go. He stood there for a few minutes just holding onto it. Finally, Daddy had to help him let them go since it was really windy and one of the balloons was deflating, we didn't know if the others would last much longer. Charlie was not thrilled with him helping him let the balloons go. Off they go... This is my favorite picture from the day; his reaction to seeing his pacis float off. But then we went inside to enjoy our cupcakes and all was well. Way to go Charlie! He cried for about 30 seconds when they were floating off and has asked a couple times about them, but then talks about them going "high". Overall he has done really good and is happily in bed.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009

We're Still Here

I know I haven't updated the blog in a long time, so I thought I would just do a quick update:

1. Thursday will be "Bye Bye Paci Day" for Charlie. I am sure I will post an update about that on Thursday.

2. I just went to the put the kids to bed and their room reeked like pepper. So I asked Macy why it did and she said "Because I poured a bunch behind my kitchen." I looked back behind her play kitchen and there was a mountain of pepper.. ugh.

3. Emma still continues to be an easy baby thankfully. She is chewing on my arm at the moment while I am typing this. She does a great job sleeping and eating and I am about to stretch her feeding schedule out to 4 hours, so then she will be going 12 hours at night! Yeay!

4. Seth's back/leg continues to hurt. For those of you that don't know, it has been bugging him for about 6 months and it seems like surgery is the only option left.

5. We bought at picture wall system at Michaels yesterday for 50% off. It is a thing where you hang a template on the wall that shows you where to hang the frames in the kit, so they look nicely put together. So now I just need to find a bunch of pictures to fill them, so we can hang it up.

6. My hair is falling out. After each baby it has done this, I am definitely not as worried as I was when it happened with Macy; I swore I was going bald, but now I know it will grow back, it is just annoying.

Those are all the things I can think of now! And since no post should be without a picture, here is one of the older pictures on my computer of Seth and Macy taken by Judson at OC. I love how Macy's hair use to stand straight up!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

3 Months

I know this post is a couple days late, I have had the flu, but I feel better now. Anyways, I say this every time, but it has flown by! She really has been an easy baby and for the last few weeks is going 9 1/2 hours at night. She likes to suck her thumb when she is sleeping, Charlie and Macy never did. She also enjoys playing/talking with Macy and Charlie and her favorite thing is when I am putting Macy and Charlie to bed and we all read a story and sing a song. She enjoys the kids and my singing, however off key it is. This is my favorite baby age; from when they are sleeping through the night to before they start moving all over the place and getting in to everything. Happy 3 months Emma!