Monday, April 5, 2010


The kids love waffles with butter in the morning. Especially Charlie, he asks me about every morning if we are having waffles for breakfast. I use to buy Eggos or Wal-mart brand Eggos, but for the last couple months, in an attempt to make them a little healthier, I have been making a big homeade batch and putting them in the freezer. The kids haven't noticed a difference, except the homemade ones are square and not round, and I enjoy them as well. They are easy to pull out in the morning and throw in the toaster just like the Eggos. Here is the recipe I have been using:

1 C. All Purpose flour
1 C. Whole Wheat flour
4 t. baking powder
1-2 T. Wheat germ
1/4 t. salt
1 1/2 cups skim milk
6 T. Vegetable oil
2 eggs, separated

1, Preheat waffle iron. In a large bowl, sift together flour, baking powder, salt and wheat germ. Stir in milk, oil, and egg yolks until smooth.
2. In a separate bowl, beat egg whites until soft peaks. Gently fold in egg whites into batter.
3. Pour into greased waffle iron, cook, and enjoy!

I normally double this recipe and make enough waffles to last about 2 weeks, give or take.


Alisha said...

This is a great idea!

Ted and Anne said...

When we come visit you guys (I promise, at some point we are!) will you make those please?? :) yummmmm!!!

Stacy said...

I do this for my kids and they love it! It's healthier and cheaper than buying frozen. And I jazz them up with chocolate chips, sprinkles...anything I happen to have on hand.

jamie said...

We just made a huge batch of homemade choc chip waffles tonight to eat this week!

Donna said...

I do this with pancakes. Makes mornings a tad easier. I'll have to try the waffles now, too.

Angela said...

just made a double batch! can't wait to eat them :) thanks for sharing....I did add a little sugar to the mix as I do not use syrup.

DWYHomemaking said...

I make homemade waffles for my kiddos too but, haven't thought about freezing them. Hmm... so you just throw them in the toaster to warm in the morning?

Anonymous said...

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Sweet Apron said...

Thank you! I am going to try this. We have a waffle lover named Charlie, too (3 years old).

Angela said...

Make ahead waffles and pancakes are my favorite freezer meals. They are quick to throw together and sure save me time in the morning. It also helps that my kiddos think I rock when they get to eat them more than once a week. :)