Sunday, January 27, 2008

Blogging in Bullet Format..

Here the happenings over the last few days:

  • Charlie is "walking" along the furniture.
  • Macy stepped on a $250 bird and in the process yanked out two of it's tail feathers, poor bird.-We were at a pet store in Decatur and the nice man working there got some of the animals out so Macy could see them and one bird he took out flew at her and got under her feet and startled her. She backed up, trying to get away and then she stepped on him. He squawked really loudly and then hid under some cages.
  • I have a cold and can hardly breathe.
  • Seth preached another good sermon this morning as usual.
  • Tomorrow at 11 is when we close, yeay!


Elaine said...

All interesting info. You must let us all know how Macy managed to step on a $250 bird.

The Rieger Family said...

Have fun with the move.

Tamika said...

Oh wow! i am not a big bird fan, so I can totally understand that. I hope that you all are getting adjusted well. Who would have thought we would all be getting adapted to life outside of Fairfield Drive!