Wednesday, January 30, 2008


The movers came and everything is here! We have been slowly unpacking, but got out last night and did a little furniture shopping. We went to one place in Frisco that is the the most concentrated area of shops in the US. There is definitely not a shortage of places to shop here, someone said that the mall here is the 2nd largest mall in the US (we haven't been there yet). Also, we went to IKEA. Seth had never been, and I have only been to one other IKEA and that was in Germany. It was fun to walk through looking at everything.


Leslie & Michael said...

I love IKEA--there's one in San Diego! Its just fun to go walk around and look at everything!

anne ledbetter said...

We are big fans of IKEA...I think there's one in Michigan (somewhere!) Any luck with furniture??? Oh Macy, how we miss you! :)