Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Table and Old Baby

We got a new kitchen table and Charlie loves to crawl under it and push out all the chairs. Hopefully we got a tough enough table to withstand an exploring baby.Yesterday when we were going through the attic stuff I found my old baby doll from when I was little. Macy loves her baby dolls, so I gave her to Macy and with daddy's suggestion, she named her Kathryn. Baby Kathryn joins big sisters baby Lilly and baby Sally.

Updated: My dad sent me a picture of me (no, that is not a boy with a bad haircut) and baby Kathryn.


Summer Lashley said...

I love seeing pictures of your new place. I hope all is well in Texas.

Paul said...

Is this after you cut your hair?

anne ledbetter said...

Katie, you're so cute!