Sunday, February 17, 2008

Stuff from Yesterday

Seth went through a couple boxes before he was going to put them in the attic and in them were practically every toy he had ever played with as a child, so now Charlie is good to go on cars, Matchbox cars, He-man toys, planes, guns, and my personal favorite a Mr. T serving platter. Here he is with just a fraction of them. Also, there was this old cast iron tractor in the toys and Seth said it was old when he played with it, so I looked it up on Ebay and one in similar condition without the hitch was going for about $25, maybe it will be worth alot more when Charlie passes it down to his son to play with. In Macy related news, I was doing something in the kitchen and Macy was being awful quiet and then she came running out looking like this. Once again, she went through my makeup and was trying to master how to put mascara on.


anne ledbetter said...

I think Macy is going to be the next Cover Girl :)

Elaine said...

I personally love the KC Royals helmet, which my brothers had, and I had the visor. I think we also had the same Dukes of Hazaard car. Oh, to be kids in the 80s!

Summer Lashley said...

I am impressed Seth's toys made it this long. All my dolls hair has been chopped off and most of their limbs are missing!