Thursday, June 19, 2008

Charlie's First Haircut

Today was a traumatic day for Charlie, we made him get his first haircut. He HATED it and screamed the whole time. He needed to be cleaned up and especially needed the rattail cut off. I don't have a before and after shot, but here are a few I did get.

Macy on the other hand LOVES to get her haircut and would be happy if we did that every day. (I told the lady to cut her bangs right above the eyes, not 2 inches!!! So Macy is going to have super short bangs for awhile)


Leslie & Michael said...

Aww, poor little Charlie. Why is is that photos of crying babies make me laugh so much?? I guess because they are not my own.

Ryan and Katie said...

Poor Charlie! But those are cute pics~