Sunday, June 29, 2008

Back From Branson

This past week were in Branson with my side of the family for a vacation. We had a great time! My parents rented a cabin and my brother Paul, his wife Kim, their kids- Addi, Levi, and Lila and my sister, Lori, her husband Luke and their son Andrew were all there. Macy and Charlie loved getting to play with their cousins and Macy especially had a great time spending time with Addi. We went to Silver Dollar City, Celebration City, the Dixie Stampede, the fish hatchery and dam, and rode The Ducks around Branson landing. I took a bunch of pictures (family-I will upload them to walmart probably tomorrow and send you the album if you want any to print), but here are just a few.

Here we are getting ready to go into Silver Dollar City:
Macy and Addi:
Left to Right:Bob, Andrew, Dad, Charlie, Addi, Larry, Levi, Paul and Lila (Macy was terrified of them and refused to get in the picture):
Macy and Charlie petting the goats at Silver Dollar:
Dad looking thrilled getting pulled up on stage to participate in the Salon show:
Addi, Charlie and I with the Salon girls:
Seth and Macy on a ride at Celebration City:
Seth and Dad with Macy in between them coming down the log ride:Levi and Macy at the fountain in Celebration City:

Macy was soaked after playing in the fountain:

Macy and Charlie on a ride together:

At the Fish Hatchery feeding all the trout:

Getting ready to ride The Ducks:

Macy thrilled that she gets to drive the Duck when we are out in the water:

Our cabin:

I don't know why, but I don't have any pictures of Lori and Luke. We got a photographer to take a family picture of everyone (which by the way isn't easy getting 6 little kids to happily smile for the camera at the same time), so when we get those in a couple weeks, I will be sure and post them.

Thanks again Mom and Dad for a great vacation!


Summer Lashley said...

Sounds like fun! Actually we are heading there in a few weeks ourselves. I would like the name of the photographer you used there. The extended Lashley family will be there and we might consider havig a family picture made....

Paul said...

Man, I hate we didn't go to the same Saloon show you guys went to. It would have been funny seeing Dad in the hoola skirt.