Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Guess how much I paid for these groceries...

I love coupons! Here are a couple deals I got this morning. Can you guess how much I paid for all this stuff from Target: The original total was like $30 something, but I paid $3.52, BUT was issued a $5 Target Gift Card for buying the diapers, so it was like getting paid $1.48 to take them! Yeay!

How much do you think I spent on these 3 packs of diapers from Walgreens?: If you guessed nothing, you are right! I actually got an overage of like 30 something cents, I bought a thing of mints at the same time, and don't have the receipt in front of me. Yeay Coupons! The diaper coupons are found in the store, so you don't have to already have them. I thought about explaining how to get them on here, but it is kind of long, so email me if you want to go get your own. I plan to get a bunch of them!

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Tara Hobbs said...

Way to go!! I go in spurts with my clipping coupons and deal hunting. I just love good deals. I am really interested in your Target deal - you must have had some good coupons.