Friday, July 18, 2008

Update on McDowell Child #3

Today I went to my follow up ultrasound appointment to make sure the baby is growing the way she needs to since she was measuring on the small side (so did Macy and Charlie, so I wasn't concerned). Everything looked great and the doctor was very pleased with her growth! So thankfully he won't make me take the protein supplements that he threatened me with last time. I took Macy with me, she was very excited to get to see them take pictures of the baby, but once we got in the dark room for the ultrasound, she wasn't too excited anymore and wanted to go home. Thankfully she made it through without any huge meltdowns. Next appointment is the glucose test, fun!

This week has been super busy, but I will post more about that later!

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Paul said...

She's a beautiful baby already!