Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend Update

I know my posts have been lacking lately, I guess I am just in a blog rut and we haven't been doing anything exciting.

I am still happily pregnant, I feel pretty good other than being easily tired, I don't have any complaints. The doctor still says I don't have any signs of labor coming soon and that the baby is sitting high, so hopefully it will stay that way until a week from tomorrow! As for the name, she is still officially nameless. Seth has given a few possibilities, but nothing official.
Tonight was Fall Fest at church. Macy thought it was the greatest thing ever to get to wear one of her princess dresses out of the house. I dressed Charlie up, but he only wore his costume for about 5 minutes since it was so hot, plus he didn't really like it, so he was happy to be out of it. I tried to take some pictures, but Charlie was not in a photogenic mood and refused to even look in the direction of the camera:
Macy spinning:
Another one of Charlie acting like he can't hear me:Macy's favorite part of the Fall Fest, the bounce houses:Enjoying popcorn (Charlie's favorite part of Fall Fest):


Ryan and Katie said...

our fall carnival was last night and I thought of Macy as I blew up that skeleton thing that she was so afraid of last year and screamed at. Hopefully yours wasn't as traumatizing :)

lisa bialon said...

Good to see pics of the kids and hear the update on your baby coming soon! I am ready, ready, READY to have mine! I have many aches and pains and contractions all the it could be anytime. We are planning to induce this Thursday unless he comes on his own before that. So just a few more days! It will be fun having our babies so close in age...we will have to compare notes along the way!

Newberry said...

Cute pictures! I enjoyed getting to talk with you tonight. Hope everything continues to go well for the next week.

Sherry Owen said...

We'll be saying extra special prayers for you over the next week. We can't wait to meet our new niece! Love you guys - sherry

Ted and Anne said...

the first picture is my favorite :)

Elaine said...

I love the cute picture of Charlie's back turned in his costume! You get to see the cute tail and head! So sweet!