Saturday, December 19, 2009

Santa Visit and Longest Carousel Ride Ever..

This week we went to Bass Pro to see Santa. We learned a couple years ago to completely avoid the mall Santa and go right to Bass Pro. They do a great job decorating and have all kinds of things for the kids to play with and even take a picture for free. Anyways, that is place to see Santa.

We got there and got our ticket and had a few minutes to walk around, so we went to a carousel they had set up for the kids to ride on for free. They told us they were going to film a commerical and if we wanted we can sign a release for the kids and they would get a $10 gift certificate each for riding the carousel and getting filmed and their picture taken, so we signed them up and put them on the carousel. It was at least a 20 minute non-stop carousel ride, at least 20 minutes. They wanted them to wave and smile as they were going around. Macy happily did it the whole time, Charlie had enough waving and smiling about 10 minutes into it and just put his head on the bar, but still sat there good. It was pretty funny to watch, most of the kids towards the end the of the 20 minutes were either crying or had their heads laying on their horse (except Macy) and had enough of the waving and smiling. So this time next year, check out or watch your local TV because you might see Macy and Charlie on it advertising for the winter wonderland!

After all that, we went to see Santa and got a couple pictures! Emma was not too fond of him.


Paul said...

Hey, we did this yesterday too!

Newberry said...

Hopefully we'll get to see the commercial! You got some great pictures. Your kids all look so cute! Hope your family has a wonderful Christmas.

Elaine said...

It doesn't look like Emma was into the big scene ... Very cute.