Sunday, September 23, 2007


Yesterday we all went out to Lake Hefner to support one of Seth's old OC friends, Thomas, while he particapated in the Iron Man. Seth and I both agreed that this is something we will never do in our lifetimes. 2.4 Miles of Swimming, 112 Miles of Biking, and 26.2 Miles of Running, yeah, that doesn't sound like alot of fun to us. We were quite impressed with the people that did do it though. We were able to see Thomas as he got of the water, as he finished the biking and Seth went back to see him cross the finish line at 11 pm.

Since we were at the lake, I wanted to take advantage of the good photo opportunity, so here are a few of the kids.

I felt this one best captured the moment, Charlie screaming since I made him stay up past his nap to get a couple pictures and Macy with her finger up her nose.

And finally, check out this freaky bug we saw crawling around the sidewalk. It was probably 6 inches long. How would you like to find that in your shoe?


Summer Lashley said...

Don't hate me but I tagged you!

Granna said...

Was that a "real" bug? I have never seen anything like that in my life!
BEAUTIFUL children and your photography is excellent.

The McDowells said...

Yes! We were suprised to see it crawling along the sidewalk. It was huge. I know I have never seen anything like that before either!