Friday, June 4, 2010

First Swim of Summer

We have actually been a couple times, but these are pictures from our first swim.

The kids were sooo excited when the neighborhood pool opened a couple weeks ago! We like to go first thing in the morning since 1) it beats the blazing Texas heat and 2) there aren't a bunch of people there to see me in my swimsuit. (Which by the way if you are looking for a modest swimsuit that doesn't look weird, visit
Anyways, here are a few I took of our first visit. It is hard to take pictures with one hand while the other one is holding a 19 month splashing, so I didn't take a but a few.
Emma's first real time in the pool:
She was a little leary at first, but now I can hardly hang onto to her! She is either splashing or trying to go around the pool by herself. She doesn't like that I hold onto her. Too Bad Emma.
Charlie in action getting out of the pool: He likes to lay on the ground outside the pool and hang his head upside down in the pool.
She kept asking for me to take her pictures like this.. Ha. She has gotten a lot better since last year about going under water and will even swim underwater for a few seconds.
One last one of Macy and Charlie doing what they love best (look at Charlie's tounge!):


Ted and Anne said...

You've got to stay cool however you can, ha! My mom said it's been SO hot already...that's so nice that your neighborhood has a pool for you all to go to. Here's to many days of swimming!! :)

Elaine said...

With that tongue, I think Charlie could take over for Gene Simmons (KISS) when he retires! Have fun!