Sunday, June 20, 2010


The big recital was this weekend! I was the stage mom, so I wasn't able to take pictures or videos from the audience since I needed to help get the girls on stage and stay with them in the back, etc. (they only allowed pictures and videos during the dress rehearsal, so Seth couldn't get them either, boo.).

Anyways, here are the ones I did take. Macy and her classmates getting ready backstage to go on stage during the dress rehearsal:

Waiting on the side as the big girls are dancing:On Stage! I was standing right where the teacher was standing doing the motions, so that is why they are all looking at my direction:The day of the recital, Macy and a friends twirling in their dresses backstage in our room:We were back there for 2 1/2 hours, so we kept busy coloring and playing with toys and games. They were all really good:Getting ready to go on stage:Seth's parents were able to come and see Macy performance and we were able to all go out to eat afterwards. Macy was so excited to get to wear her dress to the restaurant!:Family shot. Too bad Emma wasn't looking: I wasn't able to film at the performance, but I did film on picture day a couple weeks ago as they were practicing. Enjoy!

Way to go Macy! You are our favorite tap dancer!


Elizabeth Mullins said...

She is too cute! You guys are going to have a line of boys wanting to date her when she is older...she is beautiful!

Ted and Anne said...

I agree...Macy you are a CUTIE!! The best tapper AND stage presence by far :) I am so glad she is enjoying dance and that the recital was such a positive experience...hope this is the first of many!!

Elaine said...

Precious! Macy looked like a little China doll. Great job, Macy!