Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Microwave Potato Chips

I came across a recipe to make potato chips in the microwave and gave it a try and they turned out great, so I thought I would share!

Potatoes, sliced paper thin
pam spray
parchment paper
salt or whatever seasoning you want

All you do is put is a piece of parchment paper directly in the microwave, spray it with a little pam. Lay the potato slices on it, make sure they aren't touching. Spray with some more pam and then cook for about 3-10 minutes, just until they are crisp and not all brown. Take them out and season with salt or whatever you want and there you have it! A cheaper and healthier alternative to bagged potato chips! You can also use veg. oil or olive oil in place of the pam.

I did it today for lunch and sliced one potato for all of us, everyone really liked them. Seth said he liked them better than bagged potato chips. The only bad thing is you can't do a large batch at once. For our 1 potato, I did two batches in the microwave. I have made "chips" by frying them in oil on the oven, but that takes so much oil and also probably isn't that heatly since they are soaked in them.



Andrea said...

I have done tortilla chips in the oven and they are great and you can do larger batches. I bet potato chips would work the same.

Kalei said...

Thanks for sharing!!

Elizabeth Mullins said...

Great idea! Can't wait to try it!

Natalie Hudkins said...

I am dying to try these. Do you have a mandolin? What kind? They are kinda expensive but I have been wanting one.