Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our Daily Schedule-At least this is what we are shooting for..

This is our goal for a week day at home:

5:00-I get up have my quiet time and go to the gym, or if it is a Monday I go grocery shopping. Thanks to my years as an Army Brat, I like to get up early.

6:15-Shower and get breakfast started.

7:00-Everyone up, get dressed, make beds, have breakfast

7:30-Family devotional time

7:45-Clean up breakfast, say good-bye to daddy and go on a walk, weather permitting.

8:30-Morning Chores, We will be starting our new chore-pack system, as seen on the Duggars, this Monday, so if we all survive the week, I will blog about that at the end of the week.

9:00-Morning Circle Time with all kids

9:15-Bible with all kids

9:30-Snack and free time to play

10:00-Craft, cooking, library, ladies bible class, playgroup or free time depending on what day it is.

11:00-Start getting lunch ready



12:30-Emma and Charlie go down for Nap

12:30-Macy and I do the sitting down part of school, Math, phonics, handwriting, geography and whatever else we need to do. I am hoping to do a workbox system (I'll blog more about that at another date.)

1:30-Macy has quiet room time, I will take an hour to rest as well. I read something from an experienced homeschooling mom and she said one of the best things to do is an hour rest time every day, even for the older students, so the mom gets a break and everyone gets a break from each other.

2:30-Macy, Charlie, and I up. Snack time followed by TV time. This is contingent on if they were quiet during rest time.

3:00-Emma up and has her snack,

3:05-Read aloud time together
3:30-Macy and Charlie do afternoon chores.

4:00 (or when finished with chores, I don't think they will take very long)- Free play time

5:15ish-Dinner Time when Seth gets home and Family Time


7:30-? Seth and I have kid-free time.

We will have to fit in Ladies Class on Tuesday, Library on Wednesdays, Playgroup two Fridays a month, lots of field-trips, and one morning a week I would like to go to the gym at 8:30 am, so I can attend a class instead of going at 5am that day. I am not sure how that is all going to work, but I am hoping we will figure out something as we get going. I am sure I will have do lots of tweaking as time goes on and I know that it will be a rarity if we actually complete the schedule as typed out, but at least we have something to shoot for.
On Saturday, there will be no school, but we will still have chores and naps.
Whew! That seems like a lot, but getting it typed out makes it seem like it isn't that bad and maybe even do-able.
As for a yearly schedule, I am not setting one right now, we will take off when needed and probably go into the summer. Seth's day off is Thursday, so on some Thursdays will do things as a family and will not worry about school on those days. I love that we can be flexible with homeschooling!
For scheduling help, a great book that I recommend is:
Tomorrow's post... What are the state's requirement for homeschooling in Texas, and how do you plan to follow those?


Ryan and Katie said...

you inspire me :)

Elaine said...

Reading that makes me ready for nap time!

Lori said...

That sounds great! You can come to Lubbock for some of the field trips and see Luke's work, ha. Or the science spectrum/ tractor museum etc

Ted and Anne said...

Katie, you are amazing...I want to move to Frisco where you are :) You guys are going to have a GREAT school year! Can't wait until the next post...