Friday, August 27, 2010

Texas State Requirements for Homeschooling

Thankfully Texas is one of the most homeschooling-friendly states, so there aren't really any requirements at all. I do not even have to notify that we are homeschooling. We are legally considered a private school. If we were pulling the kids out of public school, we would have to submit a letter about why we are taking them out, but since they have never been enrolled, they will have no record of us.

Here is a map of homeschool regulations, so you can check out where you live:
Red are high regulation states (really glad we aren't in one of them)-they have a number of requirements including state testing, curriculum approval, home visits, teacher qualifications of parents and professional evaluations.

Orange are moderate regulation states- they are required to notification, test scores and/or professional evaluation of student

Yellow are low regulation-you just have to send notification that you are homeschooling

Green-No requirements for parents to initiate contact

I do plan to keep a notebook from each year with samples of the kids work, so we will have some sort of record if needed. When they are in high school there are resources to help create a transcript.

Also, next year we will join HSLDA which is the Homeschool Legal Defense Association. For those who are/were teachers in OK, it is like APOE but for homeschooling families. Basically, it would help us out if there were ever any legal issues with us homeschooling. We didn't join this year because Kindergarten isn't even required in Texas, so we are saving our money for a year.

That concludes our homeschool mini series! I will be sure to post about our first day and week!


Stacy of KSW said...

I didn't no you were in Texas? It's funny, all the homeschooling blogs I've bookmarked so far seem to be from Texas :) We are too, moved to San Antonio last spring. How about you? (Got your email about the Postcard exchange, I'll send you the info as soon as I am kid free

Lori said...

I heard the head of the homeschool association in Texas speak a few years ago. I remember that Texas doesn't require you to teach science, just reading, writing, math, spelling and a study of good citizenship I think? I know that most parents do teach science of course!!!

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Illinois is super relaxed, too. I know that my own kids are being well-educated, but some parents do take it too loosely and do nothing with or for them and call it "homeschooling." They are the ones who make people question my family and it ticks me off.