Monday, August 23, 2010

Emma's First Haircut

Today Emma got her much-needed first haircut! It seems like it was just yesterday when Macy and Charlie got their first haircuts. Unlike Macy and Charlie. Emma did not cry one bit! She sat there so well and just quietly looked around (there was quite a bit to look at in this kid-oriented salon.)

Before (I should of got a shot of the back, it was especially bad):

During, being so good!:
She would not smile at all, but I still like this picture:

After, enjoying the sucker and saying "Cheese!":


Elaine said...

She's so grown up!

Ryan and Katie said...

she looks so much like both of her brother and sister! Cute hair cut!
P.S. Please do an update about homeschooling!

Ted and Anne said...

I agree with Katie, she looks so much like BOTH Macy and Charlie...gorgeous!!! Have you started school with Macy yet?

Summer said...

I can't believe that's your baby!