Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ist Day

We had quite an eventful day for our first day! Our day was filled with rain, a tetanus shot, a double rainbow, flooding and even a tornado warning and somehow we even fit some school work in.

Macy was really excited about her first day!

I left the schultute on the table for her to see in the morning and she was sure excited! It was a big hit, and she somehow managed to eat almost all of the candy in the morning.

It was pouring like crazy here today, so we had to skip our walk and instead the kids got extra time to play while I caught up on some cleaning. Macy read to Charlie and Emma during that time.

We had our first morning board time followed by Bible.

The kids then had snack and more time to play. Emma was sort of a grump for most of the day.

After snack we had our craft time. Earlier in our bible time we read the creation story and so for our craft we talked about how God created the beautiful world and everything out of nothing and we created beautiful pictures. Looking back, I should of said to "paint your most favorite thing that God created", oh well. We made homemade puffy paint that you put in the microwave, the kids seem to really like and even Emma got to do it.

Our finished artwork: (clockwise:mine, Charlie's, Macy's Emma's).
Then we had extra time, so we took our first official field trip as homeschoolers! We went to drive around in the rain. Like I said earlier, it was POURING, so we wanted to go look at the water behind our house. It was definitely flooded and the most high I had ever seen it.

The kids thought it was pretty exciting.

When we got back, I was starting on lunch, opened the pantry and stepped right on a thumb tack. And I managed to use all my weight when I stepped on it because was all the in and was totally painful. I had to hold my breath to pull the thing out. I bandaged myself up and continued preparing lunch and the thought crossed my mind about possibly needing a tetanus shot. So I called the doctor's office, just to ask a nurse if she thought it was something I might need to get a shot for since I can't remember the last time when I had one or if is something that I don't really need. Long story short, she said I did (which of course she is going to say to cover themselves), so after lunch, Sethw as able to stop by and I put Charlie and Emma down for a nap and I took Macy with me to the minute clinic at CVS and quickly got one, no waiting or anything, it was nice! So we had our second official field trip as homeschoolers.
After all that, we did Math. We counted Cheerios with the "The Cheerios Counting Book" and she did a couple pages out of her workbook and then she read me one of her Abeka readers. We didn't worry about the other stuff today since we had already had a busy day.
Plus we had a tornado warning when Seth got home, but then we saw a double rainbow and went out for ice cream. I am worn out and my foot and arm hurt, but really glad that I am able to be Macy's first teacher!


Ryan and Katie said...

Minus the tetanus shot it sounds like a great day! Love that first photo!

Ted and Anne said...

Great pictures! Katie, I hope your foot is feeling happy to hear that day one went so well. Macy is darling :)

Lori said...

What a memorable first day of kindergarten! ;) Your kids are too cute.

Martha said...

I had to leave a comment! I just talked to my friend Katie who just met you when visiting your congregation. She told me that you had made the connect that you both knew me. I just had to look up your blog when I got home. I also found it interesting to see that Ted & Anne left a comment on your blog b/c they are friends with my college roommate and her husband in Michigan. Talk about a small world! I was very inspired by your post on homeschooling b/c that is definitely something that we are considering as an option for our little ones. Your kiddos are precious. After all these years, maybe we should renew that old pen pal thing--but in the electronic world. :-)