Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Zoo Day

We are part of a great playgroup through our church (that includes Ginny and Catherine) We meet twice a month and I love getting together with them! Last Friday we went to the Frank Buck Zoo in Gainesville. The last time we went the kids were a lot smaller, so this was like going to a Zoo they had never been to for the kids and they had a lot of fun with their friends.
Frank Buck Zoo is a small zoo, great for this age group, and the big attraction there is the giraffes. The kids even got to feed them! They were suppose to lay the lettuce on his tongue and the giraffe would then curl his tongue around and eat it. Charlie did it just like that. Macy was a little apprehensive and would just throw it in the general direction of his tongue. He did have a long tongue!

How often do you get to take a picture of a giraffe from this angle??
After walking around the zoo, we enjoyed a picnic together.
And rode the train around the outside of the Zoo.
And then finished our playgroup by playing at little bit at the nice playground outside the zoo.
It was a fun morning!

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Ted and Anne said...

I'm with Macy...just throw it in the general direction of the giraffe's mouth, ha!