Saturday, September 4, 2010

Our Chore Pack System

This week, we started our Chore Pack System! I don't know why I have struggled with implementing a formal chore system. I seriously have been meaning to do this for about a year.

Months ago, I ordered and read Managers of Their Chores.
This is the same system that the Duggars use and it is a great book and I highly recommend it if you are wanting to teach your children about doing chores. I was stuck though because I wanted to combine it with Dave's Ramsey's Financial Peace Jr ideas. We definitely wanted to include some of the Dave Ramsey's ideas of "work=pay, don't work=don't get paid" in our chore pack system and teaching our kids how to correctly handle money; giving, saving, and spending. Anyways, so that is where I got stuck for awhile, I just wasn't sure how to combine it and I was making it too difficult, so I didn't even start. However a few weeks ago, I saw this post on one of my my favorite blogs: Women living well. And she showed how she combined it with getting paid, so that really helped me get started.

Last week, Seth and I came up with a list of chores that the kids were capable of doing and I took pictures of them and made cards with a gold star and "Done!" on the back and laminated them.

We found some credential holders at an office supply store and I also made a daily chart to use and had it laminated as well, so it would last awhile.Macy and Charlie were really excited about it! Especially since they knew they were earning money!

They worked really hard and Macy especially set a good example for Charlie with having a good attitude.

Charlie had one day where he just flat out did NOT want to do his chores (the chore he was working one was putting the shoes neatly in the cabinet, which would of taken a total of 3 seconds to do, but he stretched it out to about 10minutes.) Thankfully after daddy intervened, he got back on track.
Every morning and afternoon they had chore time.

Charlie's chores were pretty basic: put pillows back on couch, put silverware away, wipe the table, etc. Macy had a little bit more: feeding Bailey, putting away laundry, wiping bathroom sink, etc.
I also included made this chore card:
We used it a few times and they were SO EXCITED to get it. After they did what the special chore was and if they did it with a happy heart, they got a little piece of candy.

Today, after all their chores was payday! I had ordered these banks earlier this week but they did not make it in time, so we just used envelopes today. We talked to them about what we do with money in a basic way that hopefully a 5 year old and 3 year old can sort of understand and they put the money in the envelopes after we split it up for them. We put 10% for church, 10% in save (like for a big toy they want), 10% invest (we told them this was for their car, waaaayyy in the future), and their favorite: 70% in spend. Macy was paid a 0.20 a day and Charlie 0.15 a day, plus we told them they would get an extra .25 for the week bonus if they had a good attitude. So Macy's got a whopping total of $1.45 and Charlie $1.15. Hey, we have to start somewhere and wanted to allow room to give raises, etc... Seth took them to Walmart with their "spend" money and they both happily bought a package of gum and are excited about taking their "give" money to church tomorrow. Macy said she is saving for a Barbie Jeep, that should only take about 500 weeks, but I didn't tell her that. :)
Overall it was a great first week with the chore packs and I really glad that we started it!


Summer said...

love this idea. thanks for inspiring me.

Natalie Hudkins said...

I am going to try and get that chore book from the library and I really want to do that. Two questions, do Macy and Charlie mind getting different chores and do they have to bring you their card for their finished chore?

Ryan and Katie said...

we used to get 10 cents times our age (when I was 9 I got 0.90, etc) I think they bumped it up when we were like 15 or something so the money would actually be worth spending, My mom also made us eat veggies we didn't like by our age. 15 green beans for a 15 year old! I used to hate it but I'm sure I'll do the exact same thing to Olivia!

Sherry Owen said...

Katie - You are such a great mom! Thanks for being such a blessing to my brother and to Macy, Charlie and Emma. Love you guys - sherry

SuzSpeaks said...

We had a plan for a while but then kind of fell off the wagon. I saw that post on women living well too and loved it! I've been wanting to enforce the earn, give, spend, save for a while. I had some jars set aside... obviously I'll have to wait a while now to fully enforce... but I'm saving this post!

Thank you for your sweet comments and prayers too... keep them coming!

Elaine said...

I love this idea, Katie! My chores at home were never this fun or rewarding.

Elizabeth Mullins said...

Great post! We too have struggled in implementing a full out plan and sticking to it! I will have to consider some of these ideas! Thanks for posting!

Kim said...

Fantastic idea. Can't wait to show this to the hubs!

Tamika Rybinski said...

great idea Katie, I am pinning this. I hope you all are doing well!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing..

Nikki Johnston said...

That is fantastic.. anything that inspires families to raise responsible citizens! I really like the different categories you use!