Wednesday, June 23, 2010

All Boy

The last couple posts have been rather girly, so I thought I would post a video of Charlie to even things out and he is definitely all boy! If he isn't playing baseball or golf, playing with his cars, trains or trucks, he is either chasing imaginary monsters around the house, shooting things or jumping from high places (I am trying to prepare myself for seeing Charlie with a broken bone, I imagine he is going to have a few of them in his childhood.) He prays for the "ballgame" when he says his prayers, every single time. He is especially excited about getting to go to the ballgame with Daddy by himself in a couple of weeks and the other night he prayed "Thank you God that I get to go to the ballgame with daddy....and not Macy." Seth and I tried to correct him afterwards and tell him that wasn't very nice, but we were laughing, so I doubt it had much impact.

Here is a video that I took a few weeks ago:

He is definitely our favorite little boy!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


The big recital was this weekend! I was the stage mom, so I wasn't able to take pictures or videos from the audience since I needed to help get the girls on stage and stay with them in the back, etc. (they only allowed pictures and videos during the dress rehearsal, so Seth couldn't get them either, boo.).

Anyways, here are the ones I did take. Macy and her classmates getting ready backstage to go on stage during the dress rehearsal:

Waiting on the side as the big girls are dancing:On Stage! I was standing right where the teacher was standing doing the motions, so that is why they are all looking at my direction:The day of the recital, Macy and a friends twirling in their dresses backstage in our room:We were back there for 2 1/2 hours, so we kept busy coloring and playing with toys and games. They were all really good:Getting ready to go on stage:Seth's parents were able to come and see Macy performance and we were able to all go out to eat afterwards. Macy was so excited to get to wear her dress to the restaurant!:Family shot. Too bad Emma wasn't looking: I wasn't able to film at the performance, but I did film on picture day a couple weeks ago as they were practicing. Enjoy!

Way to go Macy! You are our favorite tap dancer!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dance Class Picture Day

Macy has been in dance class this year and has loved it! She had her pictures this week, and I was the cheapo parent and didn't pay for individual expensive pictures, so I just snapped a few before we left. Look at this one and notice Emma on the left. Haha. The whole time I was taking pictures Emma was right up against Macy, wanting to touch her dress and saying "Ohhhhh Pretty, Ohhhhh pretty", She was quiet impressed with the dress and I could hardly keep her away from it. I cropped her out of the top pictures, but I thought this one was pretty funny.
Her recital is this weekend and I will try to post a video of it on the blog. (Don't worry, it will not resemble the "Single Ladies" Dance performed by 6 year olds that was in the news a few ago. ) They are tap dancing to "Rockin' Robin". The studio we have used is a Christan studio and many of the songs that are performed by the older kids are church songs.
It is has been a good first year of Dance for Macy!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Friday, June 4, 2010

First Swim of Summer

We have actually been a couple times, but these are pictures from our first swim.

The kids were sooo excited when the neighborhood pool opened a couple weeks ago! We like to go first thing in the morning since 1) it beats the blazing Texas heat and 2) there aren't a bunch of people there to see me in my swimsuit. (Which by the way if you are looking for a modest swimsuit that doesn't look weird, visit
Anyways, here are a few I took of our first visit. It is hard to take pictures with one hand while the other one is holding a 19 month splashing, so I didn't take a but a few.
Emma's first real time in the pool:
She was a little leary at first, but now I can hardly hang onto to her! She is either splashing or trying to go around the pool by herself. She doesn't like that I hold onto her. Too Bad Emma.
Charlie in action getting out of the pool: He likes to lay on the ground outside the pool and hang his head upside down in the pool.
She kept asking for me to take her pictures like this.. Ha. She has gotten a lot better since last year about going under water and will even swim underwater for a few seconds.
One last one of Macy and Charlie doing what they love best (look at Charlie's tounge!):

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Microwave Potato Chips

I came across a recipe to make potato chips in the microwave and gave it a try and they turned out great, so I thought I would share!

Potatoes, sliced paper thin
pam spray
parchment paper
salt or whatever seasoning you want

All you do is put is a piece of parchment paper directly in the microwave, spray it with a little pam. Lay the potato slices on it, make sure they aren't touching. Spray with some more pam and then cook for about 3-10 minutes, just until they are crisp and not all brown. Take them out and season with salt or whatever you want and there you have it! A cheaper and healthier alternative to bagged potato chips! You can also use veg. oil or olive oil in place of the pam.

I did it today for lunch and sliced one potato for all of us, everyone really liked them. Seth said he liked them better than bagged potato chips. The only bad thing is you can't do a large batch at once. For our 1 potato, I did two batches in the microwave. I have made "chips" by frying them in oil on the oven, but that takes so much oil and also probably isn't that heatly since they are soaked in them.