Saturday, October 27, 2007

Back to the 50's

Tonight was the Fall Festival at church. Macy was a 50's poodle skirt girl and Charlie was a greaser. We tried to draw on side burns on Charlie, but they just looked like weird birthmarks, so then we wanted to see what it looked like if we tried to do his whole head and it just kept getting progressively worse (see picture below), so I had to throw him in the bath and quickly clean him up before we left. In the yard before we left. Here they are posing at church. Charlie looks like he is being swallowed by this pants.

Macy and Charlie enjoyed the toddler room with the games and trick-or-treating in the hall of classrooms, but Macy was TERRIFIED of the main room. There was big inflatable treasure chest with a skeleton that popped out and she saw that and ran out screaming and refused to even go in there. They had a nice place set up to take pictures, so I dragged Macy over kicking and screaming to take a picture. You can see she still isn't happy in the picture.


Paul said...

Maybe it's my imagination, but Charlie kind of looks like Dad.

Elaine said...

Very fun! You really ARE trying to scar Macy for life! ;)