Thursday, October 25, 2007

StoryBook Forest

Tonight we went out to Lake Arcadia to see some medium quality storybook scenes and to get candy.

Here are the kids and I waiting to get in.

Macy going in. Macy in front of a Hansel and Gretel scene.Charlie and I in front of Humpty Dumpty. I thought Macy would love to see Curious George, but she was terrified of him. After we passed him she said "I don't like Curious George anymore!" I held the camera down in front of Charlie and got this shot. Macy at the end, glad to have her bag full of candy (and to be away from Curious George).


Kim said...

I love Macy's pigtails!!

Elaine said...

Your kids get cuter and cuter! I especially love the Curious George photo. You've probably scarred Macy for life. ;)